Cineworks membership includes mandatory volunteering components and only members may volunteer with us.

Production Membership includes commitment to 10 hours per year assisting Cineworks operations, and 10 hours per year assisting fellow members' productions.

General Membership includes commitment to 10 hours per year assisting Cineworks operations.


The Annex Production Facility

Located in Vancouver’s Railtown District in the historic Ironworks Building, Cineworks Annex is an analogue studio specializing in celluloid cinematic practices. The Annex is a communal studio space that is home to our past Local Artists in Residences and houses a dark room, optical printing, Steenbeck flatbed editor, film processing/printing facilities, and an animation stand.

We recommend doing an orientation for those interested in learning more about the Annex. It is a mandatory step before using the facilities. To schedule an orientation, please contact annex@cineworks.ca. When you come to the Annex for your orientation, please ring the doorbell on the right side of the metal gate at the bottom of the slope.

Please note that the Annex does not have regular office hours. If you want to go to the Annex you have to book an appointment.

Please clink on the following link and fill out our form for Annex bookings.

Annex Bookings Form

For other inquiries about the Annex, or to attend an orientation meeting, please send an e-mail to annex@cineworks.ca.


Workshop Feedback.

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