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Direct Animaton/Cameraless Film

Where: Cineworks Annex (235 Alexander St, down the ramp) 
When: Noon to 4pm
Cost: Suggested $5-$10 donation for supplies. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds. 

Make your own hand drawn animations on 16mm film by drawing or scratching right on the film itself to make your own moving shapes and colours. Experiment with drawing on clear film, scratching on black film or marking film that already has images on it.  

List of films we may show:
A Color Box, Len Lye
Free Radicals, Len Lye
Boogie Doodle,  Norman McLaren
Begone dull care, Norman McLaren
Dots, Norman McLaren
Water for Maya, Stan Brakhage
Linear Dreams, Richard Reeves
Sea Song, Richard Reeves
Yarwood Trail, Richard Reeves
Impresiones en la Alta Atmosfera, JA Sistiaga
Come participate in this city-wide inititatve happening on Saturday, June 14! 
Led by Amanda Thomson and Zoe Kirk Gushowaty


Amanda Thomson is a filmmaker born and raised in Vancouver, BC. Her work focuses on perspective, the subconscious and other things she can't quite put her finger on. 

Zoe Kirk-Gushowaty is a Vancouver based artist working with photography, filmmaking, video and sound. She received her BFA in 2008 from Concordia University and currently coordinates Cineworks analog  darkroom and experimental lab . Zoe's work has been shown in Canada, U.S. and Japan, her solo recording project Night Sides was released in April 2013 by Fixture Records.

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Feb 26 - The 8 x 10 contest is alive and shooting!
Jun 14 - Vancouver Draw Down 2014! - Direct Animaton/Cameraless Film

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